“AUM – The Divine Sound” (154 minutes of 8 Tracks plus additional 8 instrumental tracks for meditation) will be released on Sep 24, 2021.

AUM – THE DIVINE SOUND | Music for The Soul | The Chanting and Healing energies from around the world, over 7000 years old. The musical compositions of AUM bring Chanting and Healing energies from around the world such as VEDA, UPANISHAD, ALOHA, RUMI, NATIVE AMERICAN CHANTS, TIBETAN CHANTS, DALAI LAMA CHANTS, LORD’S PRAYER, etc. The music of AUM will help in meditation, yoga, and healing our minds.

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AUM – ALOHA BLESSINGS | Pre-release of 3 tracks on Aug 20 | feat. George Kahumoku, Jr. and Cindy Paulos from Hawaii

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