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One Little Finger Global Foundation Inc., a Social Enterprise Foundation, 501(c)(3) organization

The purpose of the foundation is to relieve the underprivileged through the advancement of education, media, and research. The goal is to improve the communities by bringing them together through community services, media initiatives, and skills development. Our research seeks to find early intervention methods to improve mental health, autism, and the well-being of persons with disabilities. Our education and media initiatives aim to create literature, film, and music for social causes, such as peace, disability, and human rights. We strive to unlock the potential inside every individual by generating ideas at the grassroots level.

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We are working with children through various organizations around the world; special needs schools, teachers, doctors on education, neuro research, music therapy, and other media initiatives to bring people together. We are currently helping families and kids impacted by violence ‘Feed a Family and Sponsor a Child’ Program, working with local NGOs, Human Rights Organizations, and Schools.

Some of our current projects and ongoing research include Neuroscience/AI, Early Intervention in Autism, Music Therapy, and education!

One Little Finger Global Foundation Inc., 501(c)(3) Organization (TIN: 85-4046862)