FYC – Peace and Joy

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Peace and Joy (Mendelssohn/Mozart World) (Sophia Agranovich, Rupam Sarmah, feat. Tamra Garrett)


“Peace and Joy” is a unique improvisation and arrangement of timeless classics by Mozart and Mendelssohn that transcend boundaries between Classical, Romantic, Folk, Pop, World, and New Age styles, blending East and West music traditions. Deeply meditative, passionate, and indescribably beautiful melodies of the introduction are followed by the all-time favorite “Alla Turca (Turkish March),” filled with sparkling happiness, the joy of life, and universal love.”




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“In the twenty-five or so years that I’ve been reviewing music, I’ve heard a lot of eclectic and hard-to-categorize music, and I’ve seen a lot of music used to raise funds for some very worth-while projects, but “Peace and Joy (Mendelssohn/Mozart World)” just might top everything else in all of those aspects!…”
~ Mainly Piano

“Absolutely amazing talent Sophia Agranovich – PEACE AND JOY:  If you’ve been looking for unique performances of classical that give you a whole new perspective…”
~ Contemporary Fusion Reviews

Peace and Joy (Mendelssohn/Mozart World)
(Best Arrangement - Instruments and Vocals)

Original composition: Mendelssohn and Mozart 
Additional compositions: Rupam Sarmah, Sophia Agranovich 
Performed by Sophia Agranovich, Rupam Sarmah, feat. Tamra Garrett
Sophia Agranovich: Piano
Vocal: Tamra Garrett
Sax: Suzanne Grzanna  
Sitar: Subhas Bose
Flute: Pranjal Borah
Banjo, Rabab: Rohit Roy
Keyboard: Netailal Chakrabarty
Vocal Producer(s): Sophia Agranovich, Rupam Sarmah, Donna E. Scott
Vocal Arrangement: Rupam Sarmah, Sophia Agranovich 
Music Arranger: Rupam Sarmah
Recording Engineer: Jitendra Kumar Prasad (Ohm, Kolkata)
Vocal Engineer: Stephen Forse (Liberty Room Records, Lake Jackson, TX) 
Recording Engineer (Piano): Joe DeVico
Mixer and Mastering Engineer: Rupam Sarmah
Producer(s): Rupam Sarmah
ISRC#: US-GUA-22-00918
(Peace and Joy is included in the ARISE TOGETHER, Children's album)

Special Thanks to: Jeffery & Sandy Brown, Cindy Paulos, Dana Cohenour, Paul Avgerinos, Dave Tusia, Natalie Jean, Rhea Sarmah, 
Anne Leighton, Prerona Special needs school, Rajamaidam Kalyan Sangha School (Jorhat), Jonathan Sprout, Sophia Agranovich, Donna Scott,
Ritam Sarmah, Nick Scurr, Cynthia Haring, Katia Valdeos, Eileen Sherman, Sofja Berezina (Ukraine), Elena Ermolenko (Ukraine), 
Nino Vasilchenko (Ukraine), Nataliya Macei (Ukraine), Olga Maksimenko (Ukraine) 

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Arise Together (FYC: Children’s Album) – releasing on Sep 23

Children of the World (FYC: Global Performance – Children from Ukraine & around the world)