Amazing Poem

A Poem by Barsha: Several days later.. Tring.. Tring.. Tring.. The telephone gave the familiar ring.. “Hello, how are you?”, echoed from the other end I am doing great! Let me tell you of the poems I have penned! My soul-deadened and dry Has arisen, anew and beaming with pride Affection, love..may they be trashed! I alone will lead, triumphant, unabashed. You and Me, me and you Have learnt to tread on life’s path and bid adieu.. to love that is transient and vulnerable toying with the heart that is palpable. With all my might I shall vanquish them all The reins of my mind, I will never allow a fall May I lead the mind to higher lofts May never any phone ring deter my thoughts.. Tring..Tring.. Tring.. Let the heart of the other cry I SHALL NOT take the call and go awry.